Our Vision

We want you to get outside and feel more confident in your abilities. Just one coached video could be the difference!

Pivit’s Current Sports



Mountain Biking


Alpine Skiing


Nordic Skiing


We found that there is a disconnect between how many people want coaching/lessons and the accessibility to get it. So we changed that!

Our goal is to make quality coaching available to anyone who wants to improve their skills.


Video analysis feedback is a coaching technique that has been used by professionals for many years. Now it’s available to anyone through the Pivit Online Coaching platform. Professional coaches at your fingertips.

This will give you the ability to see yourself while a coach dissects your technique.


Any sport, anytime, anywhere!  No reservations necessary, take a video, upload it and you’ll receive your feedback shortly. In the meantime, keep on shredding!

We also aim to provide our clients with a platform full of resources to help them improve. No more searching through endless videos online, they are all in one place.