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We provide coaching for our clients through video analysis feedback in Alpine Skiing, Mountain Biking and Nordic Skiing. Take a video of yourself or get a friend to film you in an aspect upon which you want to improve. Upload that video to our website and our coaches will dissect your technique and give you pointers on how to improve.

Once you receive the feedback, it’s up to you to implement it!


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Our goal is to make professional and high quality coaching available to anyone who wants to improve their skills.


Video analysis feedback is a coaching technique that has been used by professionals for many years. We just made it accessible to you!


Any sport, anytime, anywhere! No reservations necessary.

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I have seen steady improvement in my mountain bike skills through the videos I have sent Pivit. Their feedback is in line with my current skill set and helps me get to the next level.

Scott, Intermediate Mountain Biker

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